About Us

Wayside Community Fire Company was founded in 1919. The cardinal function of the department at this time was fighting brush fire, mostly by using tanks carried on the backs of the fire fighters. This activity earned the department the nickname of “Stump Jumpers”. The original firehouse was located at the triangular corner of Wayside Road and Green Grove Road. The fire company remained in the original 2 story firehouse until 1964 when a newer 1 story firehouse was built at the same location.

Today, Wayside Fire Company occupies a modern 5-bay firehouse located at 2 Volunteer Way, near the corner of Asbury Avenue and Heritage Boulevard. The company operates a ladder truck, an engine and a heavy rescue truck along with several support vehicles.  Wayside members train tirelessly to keep up their skills.  Besides firefighting, our members are also trained in vehicle extrication, emergency medical care and as a Rapid Intervention Team.